Cook Consulting's financial reporting tool is used by over 90% of NC School Districts to provide flexible reporting directly within Excel.  Watch the video below to hear what our customers say about this fantastic tool...

Easy to Use

The Excel interface that is used with the CCI Spreadsheets makes working your the information easy!  Quickly utilize built in filters to gain access to exactly the information that you need.  Use our preset buttons to sort and subtotal in a variety of ways.  Menus on the front settings tab provide an easy to use interface.

Built in Help Tips

Built in help information is available on every spreadsheet providing information on how to use the spreadsheets as well as tips on how to get the information you need.  Links to tutorials and help documents are updated regularly.

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Flexible Reporting

Flexibility is very important when reporting information.  The built in pivot tables provide for an easy way to rearrange your information.  Hide and Show indicators allow you to control what is shown on the spreadsheet.

Drag and Drop Reports

Excel pivot tables are utilized to provide a drag and drop interface for providing exactly the reports that you want.  Easy to use buttons are provided to generate a variety of pre-formatted reports,  making an excellent start to customizing your own report.​