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regarding an iSeries security audit

iSeries Security Audits - Is Your System Secure?

Don't overlook this critical iSeries issue...

Is your system as secure as it should be?  Cook Consulting recommends that all iSeries customers perform a Security Checkup to assess the level of security on your system.  Our staff has performed over 60 iSeries security audits.  Our audit not only assesses and reports on the security health of your system but will provide recommendations on changes that we would recommend.


What are some of the issues that  we assess on your iSeries system?


  • Passwords - are they trivial?  Are they being changed often enough?

  • System security level - if your system is below a level 40, we can assist in increasing the security level

  • Do users have too much authority?  We will review all user profiles and assist you in tightening down user security.

  • Are files and libraries properly secured?

  • System Values - assessment and recommendation

  • Security Auditing - review settings or turn on and provide reports

  • Do users have access to powerful system commands?

  • Network connectivity

  • Review security audit journals for potential hacking activity

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