K-12 Education - Cook Consulting's Industry Expertise

Cook Consulting has provided technical support services to K-12 administrative systems in the state of North Carolina for over 20 years.  North Carolina has been unique in that the state mandated a standard for financial and human resource systems for school districts.   Over the last 20 years, we have worked closely with the NC K-12 school systems in supporting their systems and developing applications to assist in the day to day operations of a school district.  Our long-term relationships with our education clients have provided us with a unique understanding of K-12 administrative processes and have placed us in a position of high regard in the industry.  Cook Consulting is called upon to speak and teach at most North Carolina education conferences and has provided consulting and services to the NC Department of Public Instruction. We have built a strong relationship of trust among North Carolina education circles.  Cook Consulting's staff consist not only of highly technical personnel, but experienced K-12 Education personnel, including a former NC Assistant Superintendet.


Cook Consulting provides 24/7 Support Desk coverage to 90% of the school systems in North Carolina, supporting both financial and human resources systems and applications.  In addition to end user support, we provide regular system maintenance and monitoring of their financial and HR systems.  The Support Desk is provided through yearly support contracts.  In addition to support, Cook Consulting has developed several software products that are marketed currently in school systems.


Our cloud-based App-Garden is a suite of applications that utilizes our experience in technology as well as K-12 Edcation to bring forth a unique set of tools to automate K12 administrative processes.


Visit our app-garden.com website for additional information.