iSeries Consulting Support and Service: Work with an Experienced Partner


Many CIOs probably think IBM iSeries is a thing of the past – but you know better. You’re getting
more value out of your iSeries systems than ever before.  Even though it's probably the most reliable system you have ever worked with, you still need a long-term maintenance plan.  Forge a relationship with a consulting firm that’s committed to the iSeries, so that you know you’ll always have the support you need to upgrade your systems regularly
and keep them running optimally.  Utilize our SupportDesk for ongoing assistance and technical advice or have us remotely manage your system and monitor it 24x7.  Our experienced staff can provide the technical expertise you need.


Protect Your iSeries Investment


Partner with an iSeries consulting and support provider that can deliver the hardware, support, and consulting services you need to continue getting the most out of your iSeries products.  Cook Consulting supports and/or remotely manages over 100 iSeries systems and has performed hundreds of iSeries hardware installations and migrations as well as hundreds of operating system upgrades.


Take the burden off your IT staff when it comes to the iSeries...


We provide a cloud-based iSeries monitoring solution that is provided with our SupportDesk yearly support service that will take the worry out of managing the iSeries.  We'll be alerted immediately of any issues with the system, included backup problems, security issues, hardware problems and many other items.  We can also remotely manage your PTF maintenance as well as provide excellent technical support, configuration assistance and connectivity support.




iSeries SupportDesk


Our support staff provides first class technical and end user support with a pleasant attitude and highly skilled technicians.  Our staff goes above and beyond to provide additional information and training as we assist in solving iseries and SQL Server support issues.  Support contracts provide remote assistance and support on a yearly basis.  24x7 emergency support ensures that you can reach us in the event of an off-hours emergency.

Our SupportDesk services focus on our client's technical and end user issues - allowing our customers to focus on their core business.