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"Better Tools for Better Schools"

K-12 school administrators use app-garden solutions to save time, reduce paperwork, manage costs, and allow teachers and administrators to spend more time focused on educating students.

Better Tools for Better Schools
field trip management
Travel Tracker - Save time and money: Automate your school field trip process


The Travel Tracker solution automates planning for school trips, allowing teachers and administrators to better manage permissions and approvals, transportation, staffing, meals, and expenses.


Unlike manual processes that require teachers and school administrators to use paper forms, email and telephone calls to manage school trips, schools can take advantage of Travel Tracker’s single trip proposal form, automated routing, tracking, and notifications, and rapid reporting features.  The result: less paperwork, more useful school trips, and more productive use of teachers’ and administrators’ time.

field trip management
Volunteer Tracker - Effciently manage your volunteers


The Volunteer Tracker solution helps teachers and school administrators coordinate volunteers in K-12 schools, helping to get the most value from these additional resources.


Volunteer Tracker automatically coordinates school volunteers, managing schedules, background checks, and matching volunteers’ skills and interests to the needs of teachers.


Unlike manual processes,  Volunteer Tracker eliminates the need for teachers and school administrators to use paper forms and unwieldy spreadsheets to manage volunteers.  All information is collected, updated, and retrieved automatically, and reports are generated quickly. The result: less paperwork, more effective use of volunteers, and more productive use of teachers’ and administrators’ time.

The App-Garden University


Does your district spend hours of time and effort each year training your substitute teachers? Virtual Substitute Training provides a series of online training courses for substitute teachers that is customized to your district. Select from our library of topics and add your own logo and welcome video. We will work with you to individualize the training, including the addition of how to utilize sub calling systems and other procedures that are specific to your district. All of this is provided at no charge to your school district. Through our website, each substitute teacher will purchase and access a very reasonably priced training module.